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Samiya is a qualified life coach. Appointments can be made in London to fit in with busy life-styles. For more details please email Samiya using the form below:

Samiya is a qualified life coach
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Clean and Lean blog

Below is an excerpt from a recent article written by one of Samiya's clients, which explains the process and what to expect. To read the full article, click here.

...So just like it is normal to book in with a personal trainer to improve your fitness levels....

...or a nutritionist to help you improve your diet, surely it should be widely accepted or even encouraged to dedicate some time with someone that might help how you are feeling too. 

For some strange reason there is a lingering taboo around anything associated with talking about ourselves- it is ‘indulgent’ ‘dramatic’ or ‘self-centred’ but perhaps this is the opposite of the truth. I always find if I am stressed or annoyed at myself, it is then projected in the way I interact with others. I’ll get road rage, will be more highly strung and probably feel less sociable too. So there might be a case that if we dedicate real quality time to ourselves, we will be kinder to others.

I thought I would give this approach a go and I booked myself in to see a life coach last week. I was dreading it. I had no idea what to expect- I had nightmarish visions of sitting on the floor shouting positive affirmations out loud. The reality was far more civilised. I was greeted by Samiya with a cup of tea and we chatted for an hour (it seemed like 10 minutes) about the expectations I place on myself. She asked me simple questions which really helped clarify specific issues which were causing stress. She asked questions which empowered me to access my own inner voice. Within the first session, she helped me find an inner set of tools (which we all have) to help improve my time management and by proxy it helped me soften the bossy inner voice I have grown to live with. Coaching is different to psychotherapy, it focuses on helping clients thrive in the present and the future and is led by asking questions, a really useful way of enabling clients to work out how they feel about all the various factors in their own life. 

I left Samiya, feeling recharged, lighter, more confident and excited to get on with my day. She gave me homework and unlike when I was at school, I didn’t rebel to it, I did it way before the deadline. Since seeing her, I have booked in for another two sessions and am slowly starting to notice my stubborn inner voice becoming a little less scary."

ES Magazine August 2016

ES Magazine August 2016