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Today’s Santhosh class really helped me. I was feeling very stressed: about the work I just started again, about the balance between work and my family, about living in a big city and how it can get under our skin. Dancing was the answer. Thanks for the joy, Santhosh!
— A.M Gillis

Our Santhosh HQ is in London, UK. In a city like London, with its history for learning, rich tapestry of cultures, artistic talents and cutting edge innovation, we aim to provide a forum for the exploration and understanding of the journey of life.


  • Dance parties with live music, dancing and entertainment
  • Social gatherings with speakers (Cocktails & Conversation and Tea & Talk Events)
  • Weekly dance fitness classes
  • Small group dance technique classes
  • Workshops with specialist dance teachers


For this event, our speakers will deliver fascinating insights into their different worlds. Crime and corruption, living with cancer and an ethical education system are on this event's agenda.

Event starts at 6.30pm prompt.

Please email here to request an invite.

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Aftab Jafferjee QC

"For some, the most feared prosecutor in the country”, Aftab was listed by The Times as being one of the country’s top ten criminal barristers at/under the age of fifty.

Terrorism, secrets, murder, corruption - Aftab's cases are high profile and inevitably fascinating.

Notable cases have included the Greek Embassy Siege, the Afghan Airlines Hijack, the British Aerospace Secrets trials, and the trial of the Pakistani Cricketers’ spot-fixing at Lords. Homicide cases have included the first British cannibal killings, the Harrow school killing, the Ministry of Sound murder, and the 30 year old cold-case review triple murder of the family of the first black footballer to play for England.

Aftab's talk “Living with serious crime – Lifting the Mask” will be a rare opportunity to listen to his witty and engaging insights into the fascinating world of criminal law.

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Nicolette Kirkby

Mother of 4 Nicolette Kirkby "faced up" to cancer twice, ending up with a stem cell transplant. In Nicolette's talk "Face to Face with Cancer" she will share her story on how she came to terms with her illness, managed her fears, her family and on dealing with the effects of cancer even after the success of her treatment.  


Henry Faber

Co-founder and director of Oppidan Education, Henry made a great impression on our guests at our last event. He's coming to give us an update on his mentoring schemes and most likely a few amusing tales on the world of education.


Friday 9 November 2018

PREVIOUS EVENT - Santhosh dance party, nov 17

A wonderful time was had at The Elgin, Notting Hill. Dancing, singing and some fabulous performances by teachers and clients alike! Can't wait for 2018!

PREVIOUS Event - cocktails & conversation, jun 17


For this event, our speakers were acclaimed authors, entrepreneurs and visionaries, all with a keen eye on the bigger picture - compassion, health/wellbeing, education and progress.  The event was free entry and donations were made to the Grenfell Tower fire fund (via British Red Cross).

Rachel Kelly

Rachel Kelly is author of two books - Black Rainbow and The Happy Kitchen. She is also a mental health campaigner and seasoned speaker.

In her early thirties, Rachel suffered two major depressive episodes. These two episodes have become the defining events of her life. Since then, she has written about the condition and her recovery, in books that have been read by tens of thousands of people.

George Gabriel

George Gabriel is founder of, an organisation that focuses on protecting and relocating the "lost children" that arrive parent-less on European shores.

Safe Passage have successfully ensured the safety of at least 1,000 children as a result of their work on the ground.

To date, a further 2,000 children are unaccounted for since arriving in Europe, and George will update us on the current situation.

James Wallman

James Wallman is a journalist, author, and keynote speaker. He has written for the New York Times, Sunday Times and the Financial Times amongst others.

His 2015 publication, Stuffocation, discusses the 21st century trend of acquiring "stuff" in a bid for happiness, and suggests that, instead, just a little goes a long way.

James is a highly in-demand speaker and we are honoured that he will be joining our event. He will be giving his talk for free, but asks for donations to the Grenfell Tower fire.


Cocktails & Conversation and Tea & Talk Events

Santhosh Cocktail and Conversation evening
 Psychologist/ Psychotherapist John Stewart gave a talk on the many and varied forms of addiction - from food and exercise to the internet

Psychologist/ Psychotherapist John Stewart gave a talk on the many and varied forms of addiction - from food and exercise to the internet

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 Rachel Kelly, author of Black Rainbow

Rachel Kelly, author of Black Rainbow

Our social gatherings are held here four times a year. 

We give space to our thoughts and listen to those who have been courageous in stepping outside the box to follow their purpose. The setting is informal and friendly. The floor is open to the expression of thoughts, gather feedback or just listen to the real life stories of those invited to speak. 

We also encourage our participants to meet, explore and discuss life goals, experiences and aspirations.

 Sophia Russell-Cobb, Headmistress at Pangbourne House School and former headmistress (32 years) at Ladbroke Square Montessori

Sophia Russell-Cobb, Headmistress at Pangbourne House School and former headmistress (32 years) at Ladbroke Square Montessori

The subject matters can be intimate and personal (should a “mid-life crisis be re-phrased as a “mid-life awakening”?) or general topics (will the Facebook generation require tutorials on recognising facial expressions?).

Our aim is to facilitate a gathering that allows us to speak with a wholesome freedom,  listen with an open mind and discuss with honesty and empathy.

For further information on dates and location please contact us.