Must admit that I am having withdrawal symptoms! What a fabulous four days learning a new skill, meeting wonderful people and being spoiled by the Santhosh spirit
— Caroline - retreat attendee
The most life-affirming retreat one could ever hope for... dancing, meditation, laughter, nature, friendship and more laughter
— Johanna K
Wow, I have not felt this energised for a very long time! (Almost like I am 11 years old again and have just returned from Summer camp!)

It’s an odd feeling to start out with a group of women, most of whom I didn’t know, and to feel so connected with each other after just a few days. Is it the warmth of the weather? Is it the mesmerizing beauty of the villa and its powerful surroundings? Is it the healthy food? Or the focus on physical activity that really helps you get away from your everyday life and be in “this beautiful moment”? I do not know but it works!

The carefree-ness in which the program is presented makes you feel at ease immediately. The dancing makes you feel feminine and powerful. We have shared, cried and laughed loads. A release, a reset and a power boost!

The gift to let people blossom is yours Samiya. Thank you!
— Flo B
Santhosh retreat clients enjoying pool
Liberating, Re-energizing and Fun. This retreat was a time to focus only on myself ... something I haven’t done in at least seven years. I felt 20 years younger! Samiya is a warm and generous host, I felt at home instantly. The scenery was stunning, the dancing sublime and the company just right. I can’t wait to go back.
— Elizabeth B
Who knew that our experience back in September would be so life-changing?
— Lari A
I defy anyone not to have a fantastic time on one of these retreats - everything comes together in great style with an enormous sense of fun.
— Julie B
I just wanted to thank you for the BEST TIME of my life - as the song in Dirty Dancing goes! I don’t know where to begin - the amazing house, the incredible location, the fabulous food, the friendliest staff, the most professional dancers / masseuse / yoga / pilates / teachers I have ever come across - the list goes on but it amounts to one thing - perfection!
— Dominique S